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The Best Security Game Plan

Published on February 8, 2013    |     No Comments   by in Security

Whether you are looking to retain protection and security services for an office complex or a single family residence, for a month-long summit or for a single evening’s event, the underlying principles that can ensure the best security standards are the same, and they needed to be built into an operational “game plan” which anticipates risk and has a clear response.

Any single security system, be it a network of CCTV cameras or other monitoring equipment, be it physical barriers such as walls or deterrents such as razor wire, or be it as simple as tried and true locking doors, can be overcome by the determined trespasser, or can fail for a variety of reasons.

Ultimately, a dedicated group of security professionals being incorporated into any security plan in the best way to ensure that it will have a high probability of success. Even with the finest technologies available today, there is no substitute for a highly trained, highly alert and perceptive security professional. The protection and security services afforded by deploying a good guard or group of guards will enhance the efficacy of any security plan and/or system, whether that system involves a complex network of cameras and sensors, or whether in involves a few locked doors.

One must make sure to hire only the best security professionals, though, to ensure that using security personnel is indeed the sound way to offer enhanced protection and privacy as needed. While the traits that make for a good security guard are simple enough on the face of things, that does not mean it is simple to find dedicated, capable people who can fulfill the role as needed. A security guard must be, above all else, possessed of sharp mental acuity; they must be able to quickly discern what is happening in a given situation and which players are involved, and in what capacity. There are narrow margins for error when it comes to the field of protection and security services, and often little time in which to make those weighty decisions that must be made correctly. Therefore it is often as imperative that a security professional is mentally strong and swift as it is that they are of fine physical prowess and stamina.

To put it more simply, brains over brawn is a safe way to look at the ideal security guard’s personnel profile. One must also remember that while their security team is in their employ, the security professionals will directly reflect on the reputation and perception of the hiring entity, so care is needed to make the right choice. It is hardly necessary to mention the legal ramifications of the wrong response to a situation by a security guard who falls out of line.

Overall, the best way to bolster the overall security profile of any institution, installation, or event will be to rely both on technological systems and on professional security individuals.

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