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The Value of CCTV in Any Location

Published on February 11, 2013    |     No Comments   by in Security

There is no better way to ensure the safety and security of a given installation – be it a residence, an embassy, an office suite, or anything else – than with a trained and dedicated team of security professionals. A good security guard is mentally sharp and physically fit, is devoted to protecting their assigned property, and is ready to use any proper means available to do so.

But even the best trained security professionals are still only human, thus to ensure real security, the wise individual or institution will have in place a comprehensive CCTV monitoring system. CCTV (or Closed Circuit Television) systems are like the unblinking eye of the security world: the cameras and other sensor devices you place around your location do not have to take breaks, cannot make mistakes confusing one thing for another, and they do not improperly remember events, they simply record them.

A good CCTV monitoring system is both is both a great deterrent and the single best way to take action in the aftermath of any sort of security breech or incident, from something as minor as petty vandalism to something like a home invasion and/or burglary, all the way to major incidents at the highest levels. When those intent on committing misdeeds see a camera poised and ready, they know that they cannot proceed with their misguided errand at will; they know they are likely already being watched, and will surely be recorded for later prosecution. And if a misdeed has already occurred but was captured by a CCTV monitoring network, it is hardly a matter of if the perpetrators will be identified, tracked down, and caught, but merely when.

And on the other hand, A CCTV monitoring system can serve to maintain discipline and standards from within an institution as well. As President Reagan said of his Soviet “allies,” so to holds true for monitoring your own internal staff and security force: Trust, but Verify. The presence of a CCTV camera and / or other sensor network will effectively curtail any thoughts of stepping outside the bounds or propriety a staffer or security guard may harbor. CCTV systems usually keep people on their toes and honest in a proactive sense, and then they can be used for assist with the punitive side of things when this aspect of their implementation falls short.

Any institution that is likely to be subjected to any threats from external forces or that has reason to believe that some within its ranks are fallible or liabilities owes it to itself to make the investment in a CCTV monitoring system and ensure that their security is at the highest possible level.

If you are thinking about updating your current CCTV system, moving from analogue to digital technology, or simply investing in CCTV as part of an overall security upgrade, Shergroup Security can offer you a full risk assessment review at your site or premises. Check out our website at www.shergroup.com or call us on
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