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Welcome to our online store where we have set out our most popular enforcement services in an easy to use format. We provide solutions to enforce all forms of county court judgment, High Court judgment, costs orders, possession orders, claims for commercial rent and the forfeiture of leases, employment tribunal awards, and common law eviction self-help remedies.

You can also instruct us online to on all methods of court based enforcement. We are happy to offer guidance on your enforcement options if you get stuck.

Our expertise comes from being High Court Enforcement Officers with over 30 years of operational experience. You can now use our experience to help you enforce your judgment or order. All you need to do is choose is choose one of our enforcement solutions and then register as a customer. Once we have your details you can complete our online forms and submit these to us at any time of day, seven days a week.

We appreciate enforcement is not an easy subject (whatever your level of knowledge) and we know you want results from the court system. Our simple aim as a team is to help you achieve a positive outcome, whether it's the recovery of the money you are owed, or possession of land or property. We offer a range of ways to talk to us about your judgment or order or just your situation. So please take advantage of nearly four decades of thinking on enforcement to get you the right solution...

Enforce Your Money Judgment

Turn your money judgment into cash – just register and let us start working to recover what you are owed
Enforce Possession against Tenants

Just register, give us your order information, pay online and we start work. We process any type of judgment and give you a solution on how you can enforce it.
Enforce Possession against Trespassers

Get back possession the Shergroup way – your way | your day – you tell us when you want possession back and we deliver
How Can I Transfer My Judgment From The County Court To...
The Zombie Judgment
OK so you have a judgment which you think is dead and buried...
Common Law Eviction | The Facts
In today's climate we understand landowners are looking for...
Enforce Your CRAR Notice
Use our enforcement agents to finish what you started under CRAR and recover your commercial rents time and time again
Forfeit Your Commercial Lease
If forfeit is the only answer then we complete the task – your way | your day – we work for you
Send Us Your Next CPO Warrant
Big or small – we manage every CPO instruction with the care and attention you expect
Employment Tribunal Awards Enforced
We want to get you paid so you can get on with your life
EEOs Transferred In and Out Of The UK
Give us your European Enforcement Orders, Reciprocal Treaty Judgments and even transfers between States in the UK – we make it to enforce internationally...
Use Our Online Tracing Service
We can find the people who owe you money
Other Ways to Enforce Your Money Judgment
At Shergroup Enforcement we take a pride in being both enforcement professionals but also having a sister company,...