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Factsheet | Enforcing a CRAR Notice

Using a Shergroup Enforcement Agent, a commercial landlord can use our Commercial Rent Recovery service (known as CRAR for short) to collect in commercial rent owing in accordance with the provisions of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013.

You may have already served the necessary Notice of Enforcement which encourages a commercial tenant to pay the arrears before a visit by enforcement agents is necessary.

If you have and that hasn’t had the desired effect then our enforcement agents can anywhere in England and Wales to compel payment by taking legal control of goods in line with the process set out in the 2013 Regulations.

Fees to be charged are laid down by statute in the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014. We can offer a same day or next business day service using enforcement agents who are skilled in the collection of rent using control over goods as legal leverage to encourage payment.

To use this service click on our simple to use Commercial Rent Recovery Form

A member of our expert team will contact you to discuss your instruction and arrange a date and time to suit your requirements.

And as part of our complete end to end service for landlords, we can provide a range of support services, including locksmiths, security, risk assessments, and cleaning contractors.

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At Shergroup our enforcement and security divisions have a wealth of experience to help you control who you want to come on to your land, and remove those that you don't.