Property Solutions

Drop Concrete Barrier Blocks as a Barrier on Land

Remove Trespassers Without Going to Court

Repossess Your Residential Property 

Background Check Your Tenant 

Forfeit a Commercial Lease 

Serve Notices on Tenants by Personal Service 

Use our FREE Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Service

Mediate Your Landlord and Tenant Dispute

Transfer Your Possession Order 

to the High Court

From our heritage as Sheriffs we have developed our property services for the benefit of our community so they have a one-stop shop of protection. 


First and foremost, we remove trespassers of any kind from your land or property using a High Court Writ of Possession. 

Alongside this, using our national panel of enforcement agents, we offer Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery services (CRAR for short), enforcement of Forfeiture clauses in commercial leases, and common law evictions for landowners

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