Protect Your Property Without Frills

At Shergroup we know many of our property clients need professional eviction management for the price of a county court Warrant of Possession. So at Shergroup Enforcement we have developed our “no frills” eviction management service for the same cost as a Warrant of Possession.

For an all-inclusive fee of just £120, (which is designed to put our service on a par with the county court bailiffs), Shergroup will transfer your order for possession to the High Court, send in one of our experienced officers to carry out an eviction which is fully insured, risk assessed, and delivers a date which fits in with your diary.

And to give you a complete one stop service to save you even more we can also act as your agent as well as ensuring the property is left in a secure condition.

Additional services including arranging a locksmith, sorting out utilities and arranging screening and cleaning are all part of what we do for property owners and their advisors when faced with an eviction situation.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the county court bailiff department make sure you choose Shergroup Enforcement to be part of your business solution for properties which need a straightforward eviction.

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