More and more people are contacting Shergroup for our solutions in managing properties which have been hit by the protest group "OCCUPY".

Shergroup has handled a number of major protest sites in recent months including the removal of protestors from Democracy Village in Parliament Square and the successful removal of OCCUPY protestors from outside St Paul's Cathedral, Finsbury Square and the Leyton Marsh olympic basketball arena site in London, as well as from locations in cities as disparate as Plymouth and Bradford.

This year we have completed the successful removal of protestors in sensitive situations by using a combination of legal enforcement measures and back-up security officers. Our St Paul's project saw us create an Operational Plan which involved over 300 police in support of our operation from the Met and City Police forces.

So if OCCUPY arrive on your doorstep, or indeed you are subject to any form of protest action which needs a civil court order to remove people from land or buildings, give the experienced team at Shergroup a call. Within hours you can be on your way to a solution which is both as professional and as low key as we can make it.

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