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About Shergroup Technology

To find out more about Shergroup Technology we invite you to read about our profile and get to know us a little better.

We started building our IT capability in India in 2003 when we designed the first version of our own bespoke software aptly named SHERPA.

Our offices are located in NOIDA which is home to many Indian software providers and technicians. Our presence stretches to the United States, United Kingdom and most recently the Gulf States. We are not limited in our approach to any particular territory but our growing footprint does give us exposure to customers in different parts of the world which gives our technology team exposure to a rich and diverse customer base.

Shergroup Technology Offices are based in Sector 2, NOIDA and use leading technology such as the power of the Cloud to host systems across the world.

Led by our Chief Technical Officer, David Asker [qualifications] we liken ourselves to the missions of the Star Trek enterprise – boldly going where no one has gone before and always finding “Dilithium crystals” on some far flung M-class planet.
Our mission commander, founder and CEO is Claire Sandbrook, who is herself an accomplished entrepreneur, and who created the Shergroup brand using Shergroup’s unique history and heritage from the City of London in the United Kingdom.

David and Claire are ably assisted in the Shergroup Technology division by our Head of Software and Head of Creative who not only create functional software, but also software and applications that are aesthetically pleasing and demonstrate a commitment to quality design and functionality.

Just as Shergroup Technology was born out of a determination to make the software fit the process, our customers enjoy the same approach so that our programmers are trained to understand the client’s process so that the computer follows the process – not the other way round.

So if you are looking for a quality solution from a technology team which is based on capability and innovation you have come to the right place – read more about Shergroup Technology in our website and email or call us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can help you build the software you need to expand your business
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