Braintree: Bailiffs visit house of commons
Braintree bailiffs will be visiting the House of Commons next month.

But fear not, because they will not be on a debt collecting mission.

High Court enforcement agency Shergroup, which has its headquarters in Braintree, will be talking to policitians about changes in the field of enforcement.

They will give a presentation alongside guest speaker Witham MP Priti Patel.

Shergroup chief executive Claire Sandbrook, a former Government advisor on effective enforcement, expects discussions to include proposals to criminalise squatting in England and Wales, which she and her team oppose.

She said: “It appears to be something of a knee-jerk reaction.

“We are concerned about the social consequences of this policy and the emerging evidence about the vulnerability of many people who turn to squatting to give them a roof over their heads”.

The discussion will take place on November 21.

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