Shergroup enforcement officers and specialist climbers prepare to remove protestors at height
Shergroup is pleased to note that as a result of its robust post eviction debrief, and insight coming from its “on the ground” evidence gathering team, the BBC has removed coverage on its websites about an alleged assault by an enforcement officer on a member of the public. Its all too easy to “kick” a bailiff when you are the BBC, but we are not bailiffs. We are High Court Enforcement Officers and it is important that the media understand the level of professionalism that we are bringing to these types of projects.

We take a pride in working as close to policing and emergency service standards as possible to carry out a safe and well planned eviction. A review of our portfolio over the last twenty years shows a clear and untainted safety record in some of the most challenging eviction projects to be carried out in the UK.

We continue to develop our training and quality standards to meet the very high expectations of our clients, the courts, and the public at large. We are proud to say that we have never compromised our own standards when it comes to the safety of the public. We continue to work diligently to develop the role of the modern enforcement officer which we will continue to promote in this part of our website.

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