EUREGEX Conference Report

EUREGEX Conference Report Wednesday 25th May saw the first EUREGEX Banking and Collection Conference, held in the beautiful city of Leipzig. Senior businessmen, lawyers and banking professionals from across Germany converged on the Medien Campus Villa Ida, attached to the city's media school, to discuss a variety of issues relating to debt collection, insolvency and enforcement - both within their own borders but also with particular attention being paid to pursuing and enforcing against debtors who are not based in Germany or who abscond overseas whilst still owing money to German creditors.

Topics covered included tracing debtors (including the use of population registers and other databases); insolvency law and 'insolvency tourism'; the use of European Payment Orders; and the role of bailiffs in enforcing debts within Germany's borders.

The conference also focused in some detail on the enforcement of debts against foreign based debtors too, with experts in enforcement law from Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, France and the UK present to share the benefit of their knowledge and experience and to inform the audience on enforcement procedures in their country and how best to pursue their debtors in those particular jurisdictions.

The UK was represented by Chris Bell, Policy Advisor and Head of Public Affairs at Shergroup and former senior policy advisor at the MoJ, who said of the conference:

'This was a fantastic opportunity to share experiences with a range of professionals from a variety of countries and backgrounds. With international trade now the norm rather than the exception for big business and even for SMEs, knowing how to enforce debts against people and businesses based abroad - or against debtors who flee across the border owing you money - is becoming ever more critical for the successful running of a commercial enterprise. Events such as this also give a perfect opportunity for Shergroup to exhibit the services they can offer potential foreign clients and show how we can help them get back the money they are owed - whether that be through a writ or by way of court based enforcement methods, we are confident we can deal with all debts that come our way swiftly and successfully'.

Claire Sandbrook, Shergroup CEO, added: 'This conference is a further example of Shergroup's growing reputation across Europe as the UK's premier enforcement agency, following on from recent involvement in consultations on enforcement related law carried out by professional enforcement bodies in Holland and France. Conferences such as this provide us with an ideal opportunity to educate foreign creditors as to the options available for successfully enforcing their judgment debts in England and Wales, and we take great pride in the fact that organisers of such conferences feel they can approach Shergroup to help them provide the best quality information to their delegates on the subject of cross border enforcement of judgments.'

The conference was a great success and it is hoped that it will be repeated next year, when it is intended that delegates and speakers from even further afield will be present. The organisers are hopeful that Holland, Italy, Spain, Hungary and the USA will be represented in 12 months time, and that this will become a key annual event for German creditors wishing to pursue debtors and enforce against them abroad.

EUREGEX - the European Register Experts - can be contacted at
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EUREGEX Conference Report
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