Deal with post promptly and keep customers happy

Deal with post promptly and keep customers happyLatest figures produced by Shergroup's internal case management system are showing just how hard members of the backroom staff are working to deal with all the post that comes into the office every day.

Statistics for May 2011 show that during that particular month slightly less than 2000 pieces of post were received at Shergroup HQ - and it was all dealt with, with an average turnaround time between receipt and action of just 48 hours.

Our figures also show that on average new instructions were dealt with similarly promptly. On average the time taken between receiving an instruction and logging it onto the system was 2 days, whilst the average time between receiving an instruction and having an officer on the doorstep was 5 days, and the average time between having an officer on the doorstep and a full report of said visit being with the client was a further 3 days.

Shergroup CEO Claire Sandbrook commented: 'These are a very impressive set of figures. Whilst the field officers may be the public face of Shergroup, without the wonderful support work done by the back office staff in turning around post and other correspondence so quickly they would not be nearly so effective.'

She added: 'I would be very surprised if any county court in the country could beat this sort of performance level. I have regularly commented in the past on the fact that HMCTS do not publish targets or performance figures for tasks such as dealing with post or processing applications. I've always had my suspicions as to why this would be - because those figures would not make pleasant reading. I have no hesitation in publishing our figures, however, because I believe they clearly show what a great job my TEAM does in this area. We shan't be resting on our laurels, however, and I shall be giving my TEAM every encouragement to continue improving on these figures and give our customers an even better level of service.'

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