Sherbond - no such thing as a typical job, no such thing as a typical week

Sherbond - no such thing as a typical job, no such thing as a typical week

Life with Sherbond, our dedicated evictions, repossessions and security team, is nothing if not varied. Every day brings with it different challenges and different situations. No two jobs are the same - that is possibly why some of our brave band of officers like the job so much. Variety is, after all, the spice of life, so they say.

Clearly some jobs are more high profile and get more attention than others. Jobs such as clearing protesters from Parliament Square, providing security for large supermarket chains at sites in Bristol where they are developing new stores, removing squatters from large office premises in Peckham or repossessing a rambling priory in Thames Ditton will always be the ones that hit the headlines and get the media coverage.

But the smaller jobs can also prove to be just a challenging in their own way - and can even on occasion provide moments where one has to take a moment and think - 'Just how did we end up here?'

So by way of illustration, here is a representative snapshot that provides a sample of some of the interesting cases the brave men and women of Sherbond had to deal with during a period of a couple of weeks in May 2011:

Some enterprising defendants had illegally occupied and set up a car repair/re-spraying business under some railway arches in London. Sherbond were instructed to remove the defendants and warned them beforehand of the impending eviction. The client had also arranged to serve Torts Notices on all the vehicles that were on site. Service of the Torts Notices seemed to have done the trick, as when our officers attended, not many vehicles were left on site. The defendants arranged for the removal of the remaining vehicles within a couple of hours or so, our security team then arranged for security guards and dogs to be placed on site for protection as instructed by the client.
An eviction for residential rent arrears in London produced an interesting result, the defendant left the property without too much problem, but still owed the claimant landlord over thirty thousand pounds in unpaid rent arrears. The client had obtained judgment for the outstanding rent also, the monies being endorsed on the combined writ. Our officers reported there were valuable items of art left on the premises, so the client has now instructed Sherforce to remove the goods with a view to selling them and settling the outstanding rent from the proceeds of the sale.
Sherbond dealt with two evictions against van dwellers on the south coast on behalf of a local authority that have a long history of problems with travellers/van dwellers. One of these operations saw some officers looking a bit red after suffering from a severe overdose of sun having spent 10 hours standing out in fields on top of hills overlooking the coast with the unusually strong May sunshine beating down and the stiff sea breezes blowing straight into their faces. Ice creams and large dollops of sunscreen all round required after that particular job!!
Three commercial landlords received great results from Sherbond Certificated Bailiffs -three rent distraint instructions were all paid in full totalling around fifteen thousand pounds. The landlords were very pleased - in fact one subsequently sent a further commercial instruction for approx. sixty six thousand pounds for us to collect on the back of these successes.
Sherbond Officers successfully executed a Compulsory Purchase Order on behalf of a local authority in London against a defendant residing in a block of flats. The defendant was the only resident left in a block of flats - he had refused all the council's pleas to leave peacefully, and the council gave him one last warning that our officers were attending to remove him on a Monday morning - this at last appeared to do the trick, as on our officer's arrival they discovered the flat was empty.
Late one Thursday afternoon head office took a phone call from a desperate Southern based racecourse, they had travellers in 35 caravans on their land adjacent to the racecourse - unfortunately a prestigious and lucrative race meeting was due to take place on the following Saturday, hence their urgent call for assistance. Sherbond were instructed to evict the travellers by way of a Common Law Eviction and four of our officers set off early Friday morning for a meeting with the local police before attending the racecourse land. The racecourse committee had given the travellers until 4.00p.m. to be off their land, by noon only three caravans remained, no doubt due to the presence of our officers who arrived earlier in the morning.
An eviction on behalf of a London local authority against 20 plus squatters in a five storey property was carried out successfully, and we also received a further instruction to remove squatters occupying a church elsewhere in London.
No two days the same, no two jobs the same - but all carried out with expertise and skill, leaving happy clients all round.

Perhaps you recognise the scenarios outlined above as similar to those you or your clients may be facing? If so, why not give us a call and see if we can help?
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Sherbond - no such thing as a typical job, no such thing as a typical week
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