Shergroup leads the field in officer training

Shergroup leads the field in officer trainingShergroup's team of field officers have been attending regular training sessions in the boardroom at Shergroup House over recent months as part of a drive to ensure that they remain the best trained, most effective and most efficient field force in the world of High Court enforcement.

Recent sessions have included the roles and responsibilities of a High Court Enforcement Officer, Health and Safety awareness and debt management and debt counselling for vulnerable debtors, whilst forthcoming sessions will include dealing with debtors who have mental health problems and improving performance and customer service through better report writing.

Claire Sandbrook, Shergroup CEO, is clear that developing a well trained force of field officers is essential to providing the best level of service possible to clients and debtors alike.

She said: 'Many companies may pay lip service to training their officers and backroom staff. They see it as a bit of a chore, something that is forced upon them by the terms of their appointment as HCEOs and something that is a drain on their profit margin. I have never subscribed to that point of view. No company, in whatever field of business they operate, can make a better investment than in good training for their staff. Training on subjects such as improving the quality of officer reports is vital in ensuring that we continue to provide the highest possible level of customer service to our clients.'

Claire ensures that training is varied and interesting, and also ensures that outside experts are brought in whenever possible to make sure that different perspectives are heard and stimulate healthy debate amongst attendees.

She said: 'Bringing in external experts and trainers is vital to providing a balanced and interesting range of training. For example, recent health and safety training was provided by Frank Hallett, a renowned expert in the field with many years of experience of health and safety matters through his years in the fire service, whilst our debt management training was provided by Liz Dunscombe from the money advice charity Credit Action. Bringing in someone like Liz, from her background in a debt advice charity, may seem an odd step for an enforcement company to take, but I believe that it adds balance to our training to have our officers interact with someone like Liz, a representative of an organisation I rate very highly. I also look forward to working with the guys from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the future on matters relating to enforcement against debtors who have mental health issues. I was so pleased for them when their innovative work in this field was recognised at the 2011 Credit Today awards and I hope their project goes on to bigger and better things.'

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Shergroup leads the field in officer training
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