Shergroup sponsorship and awards update

Shergroup sponsorship and awards updateShergroup, through its charitable trust The Sherbet Foundation, were the proud sponsors of the Debt Counsellor of the Year category at the Credit Today Awards 2011, held in May at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane.

From a very strong shortlist, the person eventually chosen by the judges as the winner of the award was Helen Baines, a central caseworker at Christians Against Poverty, a charity founded in 1996 to help those suffering from genuine hardship as a result of debt and financial difficulties.

Helen impressed the judges with her ability to turn around the financial position of clients who would normally have been dismissed as hopeless cases by the mainstream credit industry - in 2010 92% of her 291 clients paid their bills and debts on time as a result of her intervention and her ability to help them get their finances in order and their lives back on track - a quite remarkable achievement.

She was presented with her award by Claire Sandbrook, CEO of Shergroup and Trustee of the Sherbet Foundation.

Claire said: 'It was an enormous privilege to be able to sponsor and present this award. I have a long-standing passion for supporting the genuinely vulnerable who experience extreme hardship as a result of debt problems - something I have exhibited by setting up The Sherbet Foundation - and I have nothing but admiration for the work that Helen and people such are her undertake, often in the most trying circumstances.'

Meanwhile, closer to home, Claire herself has also been recently rewarded for her outstanding contribution to the business world with 2nd place in the 2011 East of England Regional Businesswoman of the Year Awards.


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Shergroup sponsorship and awards update
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