Royal Wedding Knees-Up At Shergroup House

Shergroup employees have always had a strong work ethic - but when the chance allows, they like nothing more than to let their hair down and spend some sociable time in each other's company - and the Royal Wedding gave the ideal opportunity to do just that.

The evening of Thursday 28 April saw staff at Shergroup HQ enjoying a Royal Wedding barbeque - an event they shared by inviting colleagues from other offices within Braintree Freeport Office Village to join them.

With Vince proving to be a dab hand with the charcoal and tongs, and June ensuring that everyone's glass was kept topped out, the evening proved to be a great success and ensured that everyone went into the long weekend in the best of moods.

Claire Sandbrook, Shergroup CEO, said of the event:

'My staff work incredibly hard during the year and it was great to be able to provide some sort of recognition to them by staging this event. The Royal Wedding was always going to be a highlight event of the year and I wanted to do something to help celebrate it with my TEAM. It was the ideal way to prepare for the events of the next day, and certainly gave me the chance to exhibit how proud I am not only of my TEAM but of my country and the Royal couple. The wedding itself was a beautiful occasion that exhibited everything good about this country.'

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