Sandbrook At The Summit

Claire Sandbrook, CEO of Shergroup, was a panellist at the Consumer Credit Debate at Credit Summit 2011 held on May 12th at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London - an event which she enjoyed and at which she was a great success.

Claire proved to be a popular panellist with her forthright opinions on a range of topics. Matters she was asked to comment upon included the role of enforcement officers on the doorstep (she sees them as the 'eyes and ears' of the creditor); the falling levels of judgments in the civil courts (research needs to be done as to why this is the case, because overall debt levels certainly aren't falling); the role of the OFT (they should not try and usurp the role of the judge in matters pertaining to the granting of charging orders); the need to do away with the current artificial County Court / High Court jurisdictional split (creditors should be allowed free choice on who enforces their judgment debts); regulation of the bailiff industry (the SIA is still the best option for carrying out that task); and the need for better financial education and political gumption to tackle the growth of a culture that seems to believe that there is no need for people to pay their debts (the point relating to financial education needing to be on the national curriculum was one that the whole panel - indeed, the whole room - agreed with).

Claire said of the event:

"It was a great pleasure to be asked to sit on the panel at Credit Summit 2011, and I enjoyed debating these very important issues with my colleagues on the panel and the audience. I was also gratified that so many people commented so positively afterwards about my contribution. Some of them have even asked me to come and speak at future events which they are running - something I will certainly do if I possibly can. The matters we discussed today are clearly very important to many people within the credit industry and beyond, and if I can help educate people and inform the debate through speaking and answering questions at such events, I will do so whenever possible."

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