Dutch colleagues learning from the masters!!

Dutch colleagues learning from the masters!!

Over the past year Shergroup has been giving considerable assistance to the Koninklijke Beroepsorganisatie van Gerechtsdeurwaarders - the Dutch Royal Professional Organisation of Judicial Officers - with research they are doing into proposals to reform civil judgment enforcement law in the Netherlands.

Of course, this is something that we here in England and Wales have considerable recent experience of (and maybe one day we will actually get there), and with Claire Sandbrook (former chair of the HCEOA, former member of the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Group on Enforcement Service Delivery and current vice-chair of the ICM) and Chris Bell (former senior policy manager at the MoJ on civil enforcement policy) on board Shergroup are ideally placed to offer their assistance and the benefit of their experience.

The Dutch are currently reviewing their own laws on this matter, which apparently haven't been updated since 1838, and approached Shergroup for 'chapter and verse' on the current position in England and Wales and also for updates on current thinking as to the future of enforcement law and enforcement agent regulation within our own jurisdiction.

Dutch colleagues learning from the masters!!Over the past year we have helped advise the KBvG on matters such as powers of entry, exempt goods, process serving and the structure and organisation of the civil enforcement profession in England and Wales.

These are just the latest examples of assistance we willingly give to our counterparts in other parts of the world.

This can be time-consuming but ultimately rewarding work - and is a clear indication of the high esteem in which Shergroup is held across Europe. When overseas colleagues want help and guidance on these issues, and when they need answers that they know will be well-informed and provided quickly and without fuss, they know where to come - Shergroup.

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Dutch colleagues learning from the masters!!
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