Shergroup helps train the next generation of enforcement lawyers and professionals

Shergroup helps train the next generation of enforcement lawyers and professionalsShergroup were strongly in evidence at recent training events aimed at bringing prospective and existing legal practitioners up to date with the latest developments in civil enforcement and debt recovery law and practice.

The first event was a conference organised by CLT and entitled 'Successful Enforcement of a Judgment', which was held in London on Monday 19th September and was attended by approx. 30 delegates from a range of private and public sector backgrounds.

It was chaired by Claire Sandbrook, CEO of Shergroup, who also made a presentation giving an overview of the current enforcement system and the possible way forward that may eventually transpire once the civil enforcement provisions contained in the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 are implemented.

She was assisted by Shergroup colleagues Sharon Housden, who gave a presentation on enforcing judgment debts abroad; Chris Badger, who gave a presentation on the roles and responsibilities of HCEOs and the mechanics of High Court enforcement; and Chris Bell, who ably assisted in the running of the day.

Non-Shergroup contributors included District Judge Stephen Gerlis, who presented on some of the pitfalls litigants commonly fall into when attempted to pursue debts through the courts; Stephen Allinson from Moon Beever solicitors on tracing and obtaining further information on debtors; and Nicola Rushton, a barrister from 5 Paper Buildings, who presented on court-based enforcement methods.

The course was a great success and was a further exhibition of the very successful relationship that has developed over the years between Shergroup and CLT training.

This was followed by the ICM's Annual Law Conference, held in London on Thursday 10th November, where approx. 25 delegates listened to Chris Bell give a presentation on the history of the reforms to High Court enforcement made over the past decade or so, as well as giving his perspective, based on over 20 years experience in enforcement with the Inland Revenue, the Ministry of Justice and Shergroup, on current issues facing the civil enforcement industry.

Again there were a range of other contributors, including Stephen Allinson (again!!), this time presenting his views on the most recently published insolvency figures; Robert Addlestone, who gave a view on the effect of the current raft of court closures in England and Wales and the recent civil justice consultation paper; and Jackie Ray, who reviewed the recent update to the OFT's guidance on debt collection and the newly issued guidance on mental capacity. There was also an entertaining quiz - with Chris giving a large amount of help to the team that eventually walked away with the spoils.

Shergroup continues to willingly and freely give its support to such events organised by a variety of training providers - particularly the ICM - as many readers will know, Claire Sandbrook is the current vice-chair of the ICM - and Shergroup looks forward to providing speakers for more such events in the future.

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Shergroup helps train the next generation of enforcement lawyers and professionals