The Annual 'Successful Enforcement of Judgments Conference' is a must for all enforcement lawyers

Shergroup - A Company with History and Heritage at its Heart Monday 24th September will see all roads lead to Holborn when the annual CLT 'Successful Enforcement of Judgments Conference' takes place - and as always, Shergroup will be taking the leading role in hosting the event and ensuring that it is a great success.

As has been in case in recent years, the conference will be chaired by Shergroup CEO Claire Sandbrook, who will also be giving her own personal overview of the current enforcement system in England and Wales, an update on the implementation of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and passing on the benefits of her years of experience in areas such as cross-border enforcement. Chris Badger, one of Shergroup's Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, will also be presenting on High Court enforcement procedure and practice, whilst Chris Bell, Shergroup's policy advisor and head of public affairs, will also be on hand to chip in with useful tips and information based on over 20 years of experience on both the enforcement front-line and as a former senior policy manager in civil enforcement at the Ministry of Justice.

Others scheduled to present include Stephen Allinson of Moon Beever, Paul McCulloch of Lovetts plc and Petra van Dijk of Spratt Endicott, whilst other subjects that will be covered include interest on judgment debts, tips on how to find out a debtor's means, insolvency, charging orders and orders for sale.

As the conference outline suggests - quite rightly - a court judgment is of little or no value to the creditor unless and until it is successfully enforced. It is this enforcement part of the recovery process which is often overlooked but is absolutely crucial. No-one wants to have to explain to an irate client that their long and expensive journey through the legal process has been fruitless because the judgment cannot be successfully enforced.

This conference will therefore take a detailed look at the various forms of recovery available in the civil courts in England and Wales, as well as giving tips on some of the trickier areas of enforcement law and practice. The aim is to equip enforcement lawyers with the skills and knowledge they require to be able to successfully advise their clients from the outset on the likelihood of being able to successfully enforce their judgment and how best to go about it.

For further information, please contact CLT on or telephone their bookings team on
0121 362 7705

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The Annual 'Successful Enforcement of Judgments Conference' is a must for all enforcement lawyers
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