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Business Process Outsourcing

People often ask us what is Business Process Outsourcing and in the next breath, how can we use Shergroup services to scale up my own business processes?

That’s two questions but they can easily be answered. The Wikipedia definition of the Business Process Outsourcing industry is set out in full so here it is for completeness …

Basically we like to think of ourselves as a business process outsourcing company that does the jobs your own business no longer wants to do.

In fact Shergroup started its exploration of BPO services because it wanted to outsource some of its back office operations to an offshore provider because we were being swamped in paper and process.

Ten years ago in the UK our paper mountains were everywhere and customer communications were just not where we wanted them to be. So we decided that the way to scale up our delivery was to outsource our paperwork and our processing capability to our new found friends in India.

As it happened we thought Shergroup had some very specialist functions – well we thought they were. But you see that’s where the skill of outsourcing professionals comes in because what they do is look at these so-called “specialist” functions, and then re-engineer them into business processes. All that specialism is still there but it is streamlined and suddenly what was difficult or complex becomes like a cog in an engine. The process is still vital but it is only one cog in a complex operation. Each process is, if you like, a separate cog, delivered perfectly and when they all come together you have a smooth running engine at the heart of your business.

Seeing this done inspired the UK team to look further at what could be done with business process outsourcing services.

To be truthful it was a revelation. Mountains of paperwork disappeared and the numbers of resources dropped onshore in more expensive locations to the back office operations.

Even today we continue to grow new processes offshore leaving our UK team as the front of house team to manage customer expectations while our offshore teams get on with operations. It’s a perfect combination for our traditional services.

So please use our experience and apply that to your own business. Is there something in what we did that relates to your own business? If you would like to explore this further our Business Solutions Teams are ready to have a no-obligation conversation about how we can help you can outsource your business processes to Shergroup Solutions leaving you to focus on your core operations.

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