Businesswoman’s political victory
The businesswoman who heads the UK’s largest High Court Enforcement Agency has made her first foray into local politics.

Claire Sandbrook, chief executive of Shergroup, which is based in Braintree but has offices in London, Leeds and Delhi, has just become a Conservative councillor at Braintree District Council.

Mrs Sandbrook said after her victory: “I’ve always wanted to go into politics and I am looking forward to working with my colleagues in Braintree and getting to know how local government works”.

“s a businesswoman I feel I will have a lot to give and I aim to ensure that in my own small way I can help local people with issues and perhaps get my own team interested in how to influence local government for the better!”

Mrs Sandbrook took over 1,129 votes, just 29 votes less than her fellow Conservative and leader of the council Graham Butland.

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