Claire Sandbrook - Making Enforcement Easy!
My experience has been in the enforcement of court judgments and then as a result of that taking the opportunity to build out from the core in a number of exciting ways! I never dreamed of having an offshore business and that has been a fantastic experience for me and so many of my colleagues.

Today Shergroup positions itself as an outsourcing services provider amongst which enforcement is just one of the areas of expertise we offer our clients. We have been able to build in new areas such as BPO, LPO, and security services as well as developing out our core areas in legal and enforcement services.

We have been able to help many fellow lawyers in their enforcement service delivery and I believe we are very respected and trusted brand as a result of our approach.

All in all Shergroup has been a lifetime of hard work, but I have enjoyed building a unique company with a remarkable and hard working set of colleagues.


Legal procedures connected to debt recovery and repossession, and enforcement procedures.

Writing legal texts.

Public speaking.

Design and innovation of systems and operations.

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