Shergroup Environmental Policy

Shergroup’s Commitment For A Greener Environment

What we do as Shergroup through our operations has a direct and indirect impact on our environment. Shergroup is therefore committed to proactively managing the impact of its operations in a responsible manner.

Our policy as a “green company” is to do what we can as individuals and as a company to reduce our carbon footprint, to use resources responsibly and to do our part to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

Compliance With Environmental Legislation and Regulations

Shergroup will comply with all current legislation connected to its environmental policy by reviewing its commercial practices to ensure these are in line with current legislation, and codes of conduct and then ensuring the follow the spirit of the legislation in everything that we do in our business operations.

Green Operations

Shergroup is committed to this Green Policy. As such we are continually reviewing our carbon footprint and using tools available from organisations such as The Carbon Trust to measure our footprint to ensure we are informed on the most up-to-date ways to manage our emissions. The Carbon Trust offer a number of tools which we utilise so that we can:

Measure the carbon footprint of our business

Keep track of our emissions using performance indicators

Create targets to manage our emissions

Work to reduce our carbon footprint through effective management in areas including:

Reducing energy bills in Shergroup offices by turning off lights, computers, photocopiers, printers and boilers at the end of the working date

Reducing fuel consumption by car pooling

Encouraging home working where possible – we have 5 full time members of staff working from home

All Shergroup Enforcement Officers work from home bases to reduce the need for travel to the workplace

Reducing water consumption both in Shergroup’s offices and sites

Purchasing environmentally-friendly products wherever possible

Recycling cardboard, paper, tin, glass and plastic in Shergroup offices

Recycling computers and peripherals

Recycling toner cartridges for printers

Using tele-conferencing, telephones, email and internet to reduce the need for air travel

Communicating Our Green Policy

In our offices our Green Policy is communicated through emails and a small logo called “Enforcers of a Green Tomorrow”.

Shergroup headed notepaper bears this logo, as do all emails, which enables us to communicate our Green Policy to all our stakeholders both internal and external.

Staff in our offices are avid recyclers and cardboard, plastic, tin and paper are all recycled in a number of ways which make it easy for staff to be involved.

Carbon Czar

Shergroup’s Environmental Policy is discussed at Board level and a Carbon Czar maintains the records to support the implementation of this important policy both in Shergroup and in all other Sher brands.

January 2009

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