Mission Statement
Shergroup will provide a quality service, through the innovative management of our strategies, network and people, and by meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of all our external and internal customers.
By creating a trusted, service driven organisation, we will deliver excellence in all our services, offer greater value than our competitors and increase our market share by delivering excellence to our customers.
Our ongoing aim is the provision of a working environment that is progressive, healthy and beneficial to everyone who works with and for Shergroup and in all related SHERGROUP brands and companies.
Give Your Old Debts The Shock Treatment
Did you realise you can revive old debts and judgments with specialist debt "shock" treatment?

Instead of saying goodbye to hard earned cash we can help you collect in your tough debts using a...
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The Zombie Judgment
Do you have a county court judgment that you just can't seem to turn into cash? Have your tried instructing bailiffs or high court enforcement officers without any success? If so, you might be experiencing...