Corporate Social Responsibility Programme
Established as part of Shergroup's Corporate Social Responsibility programme, The Sherbet Foundation helps families affected by enforcement action.
As Claire Sandbrook says as Shergroup’s CEO and the founder of the Sherbet charity, "we just wanted to do more than fill in a report and walk away when we saw families in real hardship either because of debt or because of eviction".
Having listened carefully to the organisations that support people in debt, Claire believed that she and her team could make a small difference to families who were either in debt or facing eviction from their home.
She approached colleagues she had known through her career spanning over 30 years in enforcement to ask if they would be willing to be appointed a Trustee.
She was overwhelmed by the positive response with everyone agreeing to join in.
Today Sherbet has six Trustees of which Claire is one of the founding members.
The Trustees have appointed Master Robert Turner as their Chairman. The other distinguished Trustees are.
  • Mrs Kate Mayor
  • Dr Stuart Thomson
  • Mrs Carol Baker
  • Mrs George Kieffer
  • Mrs Claire Sandbrook
For more information or to start an online application go to The Sherbet Foundation website.
Sherbet's UK Charity Registration Number is 1127033.
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