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If you have a money judgment that needs paying or a possession order that needs enforcing you have come to the right place because at Shergroup we are passionate about the enforcement of judgments and orders.

Whether you have a judgment for a sum of money that needs to be paid, or an order for possession that needs to be enforced, our law enforcement specialists will have a solution for you today. In fact we take a pride in looking after all types of court user, whether they be professional advisors, business owners, public sector teams, litigants in person or people from outside the United Kingdom who need to pursue a debtor within the UK.

Our service delivery makes us a leading enforcement agency uk-wide with satisfied customers who are more than happy to offer us stunning testimonials in the Client Vibe section of our site. You can see how we have helped so many people who needed an enforcement of judgment service and chose Shergroup Enforcement as their provider.

Shopping for enforcement services couldn't be easier with Shergroup's easy to use online instruction forms. All our enforcement services are set out below. Find the one that fits your situation and click on the section and fill in one of our simple online forms. We will tell you the cost and where we need a payment we will take that on your credit or debit card.

If you would like to speak to an expert before committing to buying a service that's absolutely fine - our law enforcement specialists are ready to take your call.

County Court Judgments Enforced
Shergroup Enforcement can help you enforce any county court judgment using our simple approach...
High Court Judgments Enforced
High Court claims can result in judgments which can come directly to Shergroup for enforcement without delay...
Foreign Judgments and Orders Enforced
Make it easy to tackle the enforcement of your foreign judgment – from Scotland and Northern Ireland and beyond our expertise stretches to Europe, the Commonwealth and other bi-lateral treaty countries and beyond...
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Protect Your Property
Without Frills
At Shergroup we know many of our property clients need...
Watch our Transmometer for today's transfer times when transferring county court judgments to our High Court Enforcement service
- 05 days
- 05 days
- 05 days
Northampton CCMCC
- 05 days
Kings Lynn
- 05 days
- 05 days
Bournemouth & Poole
- 06 days
Northampton CCBC
- 06 days
- 11 days
- 18 days
Times for other courts are available upon request – call our Customer Solutions TEAM for more information on
0845 890 9200
Possession Orders Enforced
Need to get back possession of your property? Find out how we can help as we deal with everything from large commercial sites to residential properties...
Judgments and Orders for Landlords Enforced
Is your tenant costing you money? Are delays in the courts costing you money? We can help you cut down delay and save money...
Commercial Rent and Forfeiture Services
Recruiting the best officers in the security and enforcement world is a key Shergroup objective so tell us about your experience by using our secure online form...
Compulsory Purchase Orders Enforced
As well as enforcing specific court orders such as Writs of Possession, Shergroup Enforcement has the capability to enforce Compulsory Purchase Orders...
Employment Tribunal and ACAS Awards Enforced
As a result of a change in the law in 2009, it is now possible for Employment Tribunal Awards or ACAS settlements to be enforced using High Court...
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What About Other Ways To Enforce My Judgment?
At Shergroup Enforcement we take a pride in being both enforcement professionals but also having a sister company,...