Claire Sandbrook Foreign Judgments, Enforcement Orders of Foreign Judgments Act

Factsheet | Foreign Enforcement of Judgment Services

At Shergroup Enforcement we have the capability to transfer judgments using our expert knowledge and in accordance with various Foreign Judgments Acts that relate to judgments coming in and out of England and Wales and the United Kingdom.

AsAs part of our service we can arrange for the enforcement of foreign judgments in any part of the world using our panel of local experts who undertake the enforcement of foreign judgments as part of their organisation.

Enforcing foreign judgments is not always as straightforward as it is in England and Wales but if the amount is significant or you want to make a point then we certainly understand foreign judgments.

We would just say that as with all enforcement orders you have to be prepared for the fact that a judgment has been entered against a person or organisation that has no tangible assets and sometimes this can be very disappointing.

We will do our best to manage the process for you and ensure you do not waste your money on further fruitless litigation.

With this "health warning" in place if you have obtained a judgment or court order:
  • outside England and Wales
  • or you have an English or Welsh judgment you want to enforce in another country
you can use Shergroup Enforcement to manage the process.

Our services cover the legal and enforcement steps needed to transfer and then enforce your judgment using either our own resources in England and Wales or our network of international enforcement agents.

To start off our discussion please fill in our simple to use form and submit it to us so one of our legal team can contact you to discuss your options.

And if you want more information or to check out any details you can contact us on all our open channels.
We will solve your query and soon put you on the road to recovery!
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