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factsheet | forfeit your commercial lease

Using the services of a Shergroup Enforcement Agent means a commercial landlord can arrange forfeiture of a commercial lease within hours of a decision being made to invoke the lease term.

The remedy is only available where a tenant is in breach of its contractual obligations and the lease contains an express provision providing for forfeiture in the event of default.

Operating on fixing pricing and guaranteed service levels Shergroup Enforcement Agents can complete the forfeiture process so that the lease is forfeited and the landlord can move forward with plans to re-let or re-develop.

To use this service you can instruct us online using our Commercial Forfeiture Form

This form has been designed specifically to make it easy for you to instruct us.

There are no upfront fees and we will action your instruction on the next working day it is received.

And as part of our complete end to end service for landlords, we can provide a range of support services, including locksmiths, security, risk assessments, and cleaning contractors.

And if you want more information or to check out any details you can contact us on all our open channels
Worried about travellers on your land?
At Shergroup our enforcement and security divisions have a wealth of experience to help you control who you want to come on to your land, and remove those that you don't.