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Common Law Eviction | The Facts
In today's climate we understand landowners are looking for ways to remove trespassers from their land at the least possible cost. As you may know, and according to advice published by The Home Office (see, landowners are entitled to use "common law powers" to regain possession of their land when it has been illegally occupied.

Shergroup Enforcement's Common Law Eviction Service underpins this remedy with a straightforward eviction process for land and buildings*. There is no need requirement for a court order, and no need to issue proceedings.

The remedy is swift - within 24 hours a Shergroup Enforcement Agent can be on site to direct trespassers to leave. Success rates are high - in 99% of cases trespassers leave a site voluntarily without the need to escalate to court proceedings. You may ask why, and i's a good question. We put this down to the expertise and approach of our enforcement teams. They are able to negotiate with the trespassers - and it may surprise you to know that when we explain what could happen if they don't move - people choose to go voluntarily.

And if you think there is a risk of future re-entry we can also provide security and barrier services to prevent that from happening which in turn keeps your costs under control.

Instructing us couldn't be easier - all you have to do is click on the link to our website and register as a customer to access our online instruction form. Once registered a member of our enforcement team will call you to discuss your requirements.

We encourage you to keep this email handy if your land is prone to trespassers so that you can call us whenever you need our help. And we are always to have a chat on

0845 890 9200

*Please note the remedy is not available to evict a person from a residential property but if you need a solution for this please call us and we can guide you on our other repossession services.