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Factsheet | Enforcing a Possession Order Against Trespassers

Shergroup Enforcement offers a range of specialist enforcement services to enforce possession orders so you can get back possession of land and buildings.

Using both court based enforcement and common law remedies we can help you tackle a range of situations to enforce your court order for possession and remove unwanted persons including |


  • Protestors in protest camps, squats and other sites
  • Squatters in commercial property
  • Travellers on unauthorised sites where you don't want to apply for a court order – called "Common Law Eviction"
  • Travellers on an unauthorised site where you have a possession order
Our comprehensive services are designed to help on every facet of getting back your property and keeping it secure.

From arranging a locksmith through to organizing a specialist climbing team to bring protestors down from tree tops and chimneys, no assignment is too big or too small for us to help you.

To get started use our easy to complete online form and payment system. We do ask that you scan and upload a copy of your possession order to us so that we can check the terms of the order and ensure we have all the necessary boxes ticked to enable you to access our High Court enforcement service.

If possession is 9/10ths of the law we will work to make sure you get back that last 1/10th so your property and land is returned to your control.

We also recommend using our Post Eviction Security teams to maintain a presence at property for at least 72 hours after an eviction has been carried out. We can arrange a no-obligation quote and quick response team to be available once the eviction has been completed.

To contact us use one of the following channels
Worried about travellers on your land?
At Shergroup our enforcement and security divisions have a wealth of experience to help you control who you want to come on to your land, and remove those that you don't.