Factsheet: Do you need a process server?

If you need to serve legal documents on a person anywhere in the world then Sherlock can handle your instructions.

Throughout the UK we offer a fixed price service ranging from P1 to P6 for serving legal documents and serving court orders in England and Wales.

Service of legal documents in England and Wales conforms with the requirements of the civil court procedural code called the “Civil Procedure Rules”. Sherlock’s service of legal documents includes serving court orders for Winding Up Petitions, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions and N39/N79a Orders for Oral Examination.

Service under other statutory rules including the Insolvency Rules requires expertise to ensure the service of legal documents, particularly bankruptcy and winding up petitions, is strictly followed within a clear timetable based on court service forms.

Outside of England and Wales Sherlock can arrange to serve legal documents on a “Price Per Application” basis for legal documents UK based in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Beyond the UK jurisdiction our legal document services extend to Eire, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and Europe and then worldwide including all 50 states of the USA using our extensive network of agents who are expert in serving legal documents in their own territory and in accordance with local court rules.

In fact when it comes to legal document services the Sherlock team excels at finding a solution for any part of the world.

Here’s How We Work

To start using Sherlock so you can track your process server’s progress please go to our website and register as a user.

Next to send papers to us for service we recommend that you:

  • Select the level of service you want from our website
  • Pay our fixed fee online
  • Print off a copy of your instruction form
  • We will acknowledge your instruction by email
  • Place the printed instruction form with your original paperwork that needs to be served
  • DX or send the paperwork to Sherlock at our Braintree office for processing – please take care to send your documents to us securely as we take no responsibility for missing documents
  • We will send you updates via our website
  • Please note our postal address
Shergroup House
3-4 Freeport Office Village
Century Drive
Essex CM77 8YG

Alternatively for DX users our DX address is

DX 133230 Braintree 3

Need More Information?
If you would like further information about our fixed fee services, please complete the enquiry form on the

And if you want to telephone us call us on

+ (44) 845 890 9200.

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