Super Sleuths for Debtor Tracing and Process Serving

Do you need debtor tracing or process servers? Are you fed up chasing your tracing agents for up-to-date information which eats into your day? Or are you paying over the odds for court process servers or for debtor tracing agents?

Well at Sherlock we offer process server services and operate a debtor tracing agency which offers you online instructions and an easy way to check the progress of your instructions from your desk or mobile device as we are serving court papers and producing result for your debtor tracing.

Online Services

Instead of sending letters and waiting for replies, you can now instruct us as your tracing agents, or process servers, just by registering as a user on our website.

Once you are registered you can send new instructions, and check the progress of your case at a time to suit you. You can even pay us online using your credit card because we work on fixed fees.

UK Based Services

As UK tracing agents we appreciate you are trying to find people who may not want to be found and so we offer different levels of service to achieve your objectives. We take the same approach with our process serving services – different levels of service are offered depending on turnaround times and budget. Choose your level of Tracing Service – that’s all the T’s. Or select a level of service for a process serve – that’s all the P’s.

Worldwide Services

We don't stop at tracing or serving process at the English Channel. Sherlock has evolved into a worldwide network so that we can trace your debtor or serve your process anywhere in the world.

Just call or email our Customer Solutions Team and explain what you want and we will get you a price.

Can’t Find What Service You Need

If you can’t find what you need in any of our standard services please call or email us and one of our team will get back to you to discuss your exact requirements.

Call us on

or email us at

Current Openings For Super Sleuths

We have career opportunities for:
  • Tracing agents London UK
  • Process servers London UK
  • Process server Northern Ireland
  • Process server Scotland
  • Tracing agents Northern Ireland
  • Tracing agents Eire
  • Tracing Agents London UK - field based
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