My Debtor is Based In England and Wales but I am based in Europe – What Are My Options?
If you are based in Scotland, Northern Ireland, or any part of the EU we can help you enforce your judgment against the debtor in England and Wales.

Our services include:
  • Transferring your judgment into the UK for enforcement
  • Taking care of the arrangements for registration and selecting the best method of enforcement for you
The European Enforcement Order (EEO) was designed to provide a simpler method for enforcing your uncontested judgment in another country, and we like to think that we can make that happen for you in any part of the UK, and particularly in England and Wales.

Our enforcement options are based on fixed prices so you can budget with certainty for the legal work we are going to do on your behalf.

All foreign judgments need to be registered at the High Court – and once that has been done, the whole range of enforcement methods in England and Wales are available to you, and again we can advise you as to how to register your judgment and which would be the most appropriate enforcement method for you to pursue.

And we have close links with agents in Scotland, and Northern Ireland so we can take care of your enforcement requirements in these different parts of the UK.

To discuss these options in more detail please fill in our Foreign Judgment Transfer Form which is the only form you will have to complete and let us do the rest for you.

And as always if you want to speak to one of our knowledgeable team about your options please call us for a free consultation on

+ 44(0) 845 890 9200