I have a copy of the debtor’s cheque – what can I do with it?
If you have details of your debtor’s bank accounts, perhaps because you have their account details on your credit application, or because you kept a copy of a cheque they sent you, then you can apply to the court for a Third Party Debt Order. You can use Shergroup Legal’s easy online format to start an application.

We need to say at the outset that this form of enforcement will only be successful if the debtor’s account has some money in it. Ideally the account will be a business account.

If your debtor is an individual and has a joint account with their spouse or partner, then unfortunately you won’t be able to obtain a third party debt order against the joint account.

Even if you don’t have bank account details for your debtor, but know that they are owed money by a third party, perhaps because they are a business and you know that they are owed money by a particular customer, then we can help you apply for a third party debt order so you get paid instead of the debtor.