Debt enforcement boosted through payzone partnership
Debtors have been given a new way to pay thanks to a partnership between Shergroup’s enforcement division and payments network Payzone. The two businesses have united to launch Payzone Collect, the UK’s first alternative cash payment network. Shergroup hopes that many of its clients’ debtors will use the facility to deposit money directly into their bank accounts using a Payzone Collect Card at 25,000 terminals across the UK.

Solicitor Claire Sandbrook, Shergroup’s Chief Executive, said: “We believe this new payment channel will make it easier for our client’s debtors to pay up so we can offer even better results for our clients. “The convenient location of Payzone terminals around the country makes them highly accessible for everyone. It’s essential that we work to create more payment options for people in debt, particularly in our role as High Court Enforcement Officers.” Shergroup also provides legal services through its Sherwins division, as well as a range of outsourced business support services including security, administrative support, data transcription and debtor tracing services. Payzone Collect ensures all payments are delivered directly into a client’s bank account, providing a Daily Transaction File to monitor all payments and transactions. It is predicted that the system will also be utilised by customers who either don’t have a bank account or who want a simple way to make holiday payments or join savings clubs. Importantly for Shergroup officers, debt collectors can also use the service to deposit any collected cash, increasing their personal safety and reducing banking costs. Meanwhile, Payzone merchants will earn significant commissions on transactions. Gary Jennison, Managing Director of Payzone UK, said: “We’re always looking to add services that will most benefit Payzone retailers. Payzone Collect enables organisations to receive money quickly and easily from debtors and savers. We are excited about launching this service as we believe it will attract many customers into our retailers’ stores, helping them increase footfall and revenue.”

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