My debtor lives outside of the UK and Europe - what can I do?
Shergroup Legal’s expertise in enforcing judgments extends into the global arena when it comes to providing a service to enforce a judgment.

Outside of the UK and the European Union, we work with partners who have bi-lateral treaties with the United Kingdom for the enforcement of judgments, both to receive incoming judgments, and to also transfer judgments to those countries for enforcement with local expertise.

When transferring a judgment if a country does not have a bi-lateral treaty in place, we can assist the judgment creditor with strategies to achieve an enforceable judgment by working with local partners. This is particularly the case in relation to the United States, China, South American countries, Russia, the Middle East and Japan.

Of course there are differences between how all the jurisdictions operate. But because we understand the process for incoming and outgoing judgments from England and Wales, and the treaty laws surrounding bi-lateral agreements and countries without a treaty in place, we are able to provide a solution for most of the foreign judgment challenges that arrive in our inboxes!

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