Shergroup Security – Police Management
There has been plenty of press about how the law has recently changed that so squatting in a residential property is now a criminal offence.

But if you are faced with using those powers to call in the police to evict squatters where do you start and what do you do if the police can’t help you?

Here at Shergroup’s Squatbuster service, we have been working with police forces up and down the country for over three decades. We have good working relationships with our policing partners and we are happy to work on your behalf to set up eviction dates and take possession of property back for you once the police have carried out the eviction.

Of course there is always the risk the police are too busy to help – and we have seen that already here at Shergroup. In that case you can fall back on the old civil powers to get a court order for possession to take back possession. It may not be as quick as you hoped but we can certainly help you streamline the process.

So whether you can use the police or not, we have a solution for you to help you manage your eviction in a professional and low key way.

Talk to us about your options and let us help you come up with a plan that meets your budget. Use our CONTACT US form to tell us what you need and we will call you back to discuss your options.

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