Risk Manager
At Shergroup Legal we want to ensure that clients pursue the recovery of their debts in the knowledge that, as far as possible, they are going to be able to recover their money.

The idea behind our online Risk Manager™ is to help you identify what assets belong to your debtor before you start a claim in the courts. If the time comes to enforce payment of your debt, we will know, as the result of the Risk Manager system, what assets to go for and which enforcement method to choose.

By answering the questions below we can identify, before you have even spent any money, how your judgment should be enforced. Of course, your debtor may well pay before judgment, but we like our clients to be well- informed on this important area of litigation before they start spending money.

As you look through the questions, if you don’t know the answers, it doesn’t matter – we can still issue legal proceedings. The “risk”, however, is that you may be starting proceedings without a clear path on how to enforce any resulting judgment, and that does mean the chances of recovering your debt may reduce. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve payment of your debt, but what it does mean is that we may have to look more closely at what you know about your debtor and make our own enquiries when it comes to enforcing your judgment.

Naturally, we are here to help you on all these decisions and to give you expert advice as you go through the court process.

Please therefore answer the questions below and we will reveal the results for you before you proceed and submit your instructions.

Type of debtor:*

Is your claim:*
Do you know your debtor’s
current whereabouts?:*

Is your debtor based:*

Is your debtor working:*

Does your debtor own a car?*
Does your debtor own his or her own home or any property?*


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