Shergroup expands into U.S. market
Shergroup is continuing to realign its core business offerings by growing new service lines outside the UK market. This past year has seen the Group achieve new business in the U.S., as well as establishing a growing reputation for its outsourcing services in the U.S. and UK credit sectors. Having attended the ACA Convention in Las Vegas in July, Shergroup won its first US client to be serviced by its Indian hub by supplying third party debt collection services.

As a result, Shergroup sees itself developing more of its internal processes to service external clients in the fields of Legal Process Outsourcing, along with more traditional BPO lines such as third party collections, digital dictation and software design.

As CEO, Claire Sandbrook has often stated publicly that it is one of her strategic goals to see Shergroup operating in the global outsourcing market, and the U.S. is one of the target areas for future business.

Shergroup recently joined ACA International ? the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals ? as part of its global strategy. Shergroup Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook explained: “We take our accreditations very seriously as a mark of our commitment and professionalism within the industries in which we operate, and we felt it was extremely important to join an organisation that reflects international interests.

“By having ACA membership, we are demonstrating our dedication to advancing quality and professionalism in the credit and collection industry within the U.S. It means we have agreed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the ethical standards and guidelines established by the Association.”

Headquartered in Minneapolis, ACA International serves members in the United States, Canada and 55 other countries around the globe. ACA has approximately 5,300 members including third party collection agencies, credit grantors, attorneys, and vendor affiliates.

For more information on how Shergroup can provide outsourced LPO or BPO solutions to your organisation, email Claire Sandbrook directly at or visit the Shergroup Outsource website at

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