Shergroup helps develop new enforcement training programme
The programme, which focuses on the skills around the enforcement of judgments, will form a module for Level 2 and 3 in the ICM Diploma in Credit Management. It forms part of Shergroup’s commitment to develop meaningful qualifications for its team and for the officers who carry out High Court enforcement duties.

Shergroup Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook, who holds the role of ICM Treasurer and Chairman of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, said: “We have been developing our training and audit procedures for enforcement officers so that each new officer goes through a rigorous training programme before they are allowed to recover money from debtors’ doorsteps.”

“Our existing team of officers is now being audited and quality scored whilst working so that we can ensure they are following best practice and continue to build on their significant knowledge and skill set.”

“Now, with the ICM’s support, we are formulating a process by which they can gain a qualification based on the training they undertake through the ICM’s Diploma Pathway. For our team it means they can gain a meaningful qualification without having to attend college in the evening, or undergo distance learning”.

The programme is being overseen by Shergroup’s Training and Audit Manager Neil Presland, who has worked for four years as a Sherforce Enforcement Officer.

Mr Presland explained: “Given the tough economic climate, our work is more demanding than ever.”

“Debtors are under pressure and can be understandably upset, while creditors are desperate to ensure they get their money back. It is therefore all the more crucial that our enforcement officers are well trained to ensure they achieve the best outcome from each situation.”

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