What information do I need to start my claim?
Shergroup Legal’s "Claim My Debt" system is so simple you just have to fill in our easy to use form.

When you do this its always handy to have the details of the person who owes you money handy including
  • Their full name
  • The current or last known address
  • A contact telephone number
  • Any email ID
  • Details of any outstanding invoice(s)
Also when we call you to discuss your instruction please tell us about any dispute you may have had with your debtor, even if you don’t think it has any basis. It’s always good to anticipate a possible defence or delaying tactic.

Finally use our Risk Manager™ tool to identify any known assets that the debtor has so that if we have to enforce payment we already have information on your case. And if you get stuck on any of that don’t worry as we have services to take care of finding people and their assets.