When Can I Use a County Court Bailiff
You can use county court bailiffs in many instances where you have a county court judgment against someone but at Shergroup Legal we don’t recommend the wholesale use of this method of enforcement.

The reason we say this is that County Court Bailiffs are civil servants and are not in our opinion incentivised sufficiently to collect in the money owed to judgment creditors in the same way as High Court Enforcement Officers.

They can seize and sell goods to recover the amount of a debt up to £5000 in value unless the judgment is one created by a regulated agreement arising out of consumer credit legislation in which case they can enforce a judgment for any amount.

They can also serve court documents and effect and supervise the possession of property and the return of goods under hire purchase agreements.

So Shergroup Legal will utilise the services of a county court bailiff where the judgment debt is one which a High Court Enforcement Officer cannot enforce. But generally we only recommend the use of a county court bailiff in certain situations as we do not find them as efficient or user friendly as Shergroup Enforcement.

For more information about when and how to use a county court bailiff please contact Shergroup Legal on

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and one of our friendly legal team will be able to help you decide if this is the right course of action for you.