A step-by-step way to banish business debt
Help is at hand for businesses struggling to collect debts in the form of a newly published easy-to-use law handbook.

The tenth edition of Enforcement of a Judgment has been written by Braintree businesswoman and solicitor Claire Sandbrook, chief executive officer of Shergroup enforcement agency and Deputy Sheriff of Greater London.

The company is now the UK’s largest provider of High Court enforcement services, employing 100 people in London, Leeds, Colchester and Delhi. Its Sherforce division recovers debts, while its Sherbond division removes squatters and travellers.

Ms Sandbrook said: “While enforcement of a debt can be a pig of a problem it really doesn’t have to be difficult and this is what the book helps to explain.”

“Getting a judgment in your favour is really just the beginning but Enforcement of a Judgment gives step-by-step guidance on the entire process of getting back the money you are owed.”

The book is designed to help those using the courts to choose the most effective way to enforce a judgment to recover outstanding debt. For some firms, it could mean the difference between staying afloat themselves or going under.

The new guide follows a practical, straightforward approach by using extracts from relevant laws and examples of court orders and forms.

It also gives advice on insolvency procedures, how to wind up a company, bankrupt an individual and deal with insolvent partnerships.

In the UK today, it is believed that almost half of the warrants of execution issued are unenforceable just because addresses are incorrect or the debtor is bankrupt.

This book seeks to iron out those minor problems in the enforcement process to ensure creditors don’t miss out on seeing debtors pay up.

And all the royalties from the new book will be donated to Shergroup’s new charity initiative “Sherbet”, a telephone advice line to be set up for anyone who has been visited by enforcement officers and who needs advice from specialist advice workers.

Shergroup is the only enforcement firm in the top 200 law firms and is the sixth oldest law firm in the UK, dating back to 1780.

The tenth edition of Enforcement of a Judgment is published by Sweet & Maxwell and costs £79. Call 0845 600 9355.

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