Online Order To Obtain Information Applications

If you have obtained your judgment through the county court or the money claim online service you may well have a judgment against someone who now owes you money. Unfortunately having a judgment against someone is not an automatic right to be paid and many people don’t appreciate that they have to press on and enforce payment if the judgment debtor doesn’t pay up at judgment stage.

It’s a classic dilemma and you are not alone in trying to work out the best way forward.

So here at Shergroup Legal we offer a range of services to help you compel the person who owes you money, (called the “judgment debtor”) to pay you the amount which the court says must now be paid.

One of the options open to you is to apply for an order to obtain information, in which the judgment debtor is summoned to appear before the court to give details of his assets and liabilities. If your judgment debtor is a director of a company he or she can be summoned to give details of the company’s assets and liabilities.

The information which is obtained, can then be used to decide on the most appropriate method of enforcement because the creditor knows what assets are available. Well that’s the theory although in practice we don’t recommend this option unless we can see it is going to achieve results.

So how does that work we hear you say?

Well applications of this nature have their place in compelling people to pay – usually because no one wants to go to court to divulge their private information.

And as with all our enforcement options we offer our services on a fixed price basis so you know what to budget for.

If you want to instruct Shergroup Legal to handle this aspect of your case please complete the form below and here are some other resources you may find helpful: And don’t forget a Shergroup Legal Advisor is on hand between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday to discuss all your enforcement options – just dial

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