Shergroup teams up with Kroll to help debtors
Businesses in debt are set to benefit thanks to the launch of a new partnership between the UK’s largest High Court enforcement agency, Colchester-based Shergroup, and leading business advisers and insolvency practitioners, Kroll.

Sherforce, a division of Shergroup which acts upon High Court writs to collect business debts, says problems often arise because companies themselves are owed money, and Shergroup’s Legal Services Team can help them to collect their own outstanding liabilities.

Shergroup Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook explained: “We see many businesses that get into trouble because they have cashflow problems and we can throw them a lifeline by helping them recoup what’s owed once the outstanding Writ to Sherforce has been settled in full. Due to lack of support and advice, many business owners struggle to manage their own cashflow and we see this as a way of doing some social good, beyond the enforcement of the Writ.”

In a partnership that is unique between enforcement agencies/bailiffs and debt advisers, Shergroup have teamed up with Kroll who will offer free advice and assess an organisation’s financial position.

Stuart Mackellar, Partner in the Leeds office of Kroll, said: “Our specialists can help explore how profitability can be improved, how cash can be managed more effectively and investigate refinancing and restructuring options. We can also advise on insolvency options, and help organisations to put their plans into action.”

Sherforce has produced a new leaflet, which explains how their new partnership with Kroll can help. It is available for download from or by contacting Sherforce on 0845 890 9200 or the Kroll helpline on 0870 609 2624.

Sherforce employs 94 people in Colchester, London, Leeds, and Delhi, 40 of whom are high court enforcement officers. This makes it the largest agency in the UK, handling 40 per cent of the market?s workload. It is the only enforcement firm in the top 200 law firms, and is the sixth oldest law firm in the UK, dating back to 1780.

Kroll’s Advisory and Restructuring Group employs 350 people in the UK, providing a range of services to law firms, financial institutions, corporations, non-profit institutions, government agencies and individuals.

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