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For over 200 years, business leaders have chosen us to secure their most valuable assets – their people and their property— making Shergroup Legal one of the most reputable and, as a result, trusted names in business in the U.K.

Born out of a law firm based in the Temple in the City of London, Shergroup Legal began building its reputation as lawyers to the Sheriffs with the appointment of Joseph Burchell as the Under Sheriff of Middlesex.

In more recent years, the old law firm of Burchell & Ruston diversified and re-branded to become Shergroup and today it is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as Shergroup Legal.

The legal services we offer are all linked to our expertise as enforcement professionals. We are passionate about enforcing the court order for payment of money or recovery of land. So alongside our legal expertise we have grown a number of related services to deliver complete services to our clients based on our belief in quality and value services to the standards offered by UK lawyers.

The integration of our legal services into commercial business offerings such as enforcement, security and outsourcing, allows us to offer our clients all the benefits of using a firm they have entrusted for years to protect them. Now they trust us to make sure their businesses run as effectively as they are protected.
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