Shergroup Security – Writs of Possession and Restitution
When it comes to getting back possession of your property there can be a few legal hurdles to jump over to ensure you are on the right side of the law. Eviction is a serious matter and the judges understandably like things to be right when it comes to enforcing their decision.

So here at Shergroup we like to help our clients get their court paperwork in order. We work for solicitors and property professionals in all sorts of matters and we take a pride in working quickly to move things forward.

Legal services to support the eviction process include:

Issuing a claim possession and enforcing it

Just enforcing the order for possession either through the county court or High Court (we encourage clients to transfer as we can shave days off county court eviction times)

Preparing High Court Writs of Possession (to include claims for money judgments)

Straightforward Writs of Possession

Acting as Agent to get court paperwork sealed

Assisting on issues involving Writs of Restitution where squatters have broken back into property

Serving paperwork on occupiers as process servers

If you need to talk through your next legal hurdle talk to us – and between our legal and enforcement teams we can put you straight on what to do next. Call us on

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