New national enforcement partnership launched
Two of the country’s leading enforcement agencies have formed a strategic alliance to manage all aspects of court and mainstream financial enforcement.

Sherforce, the UK’s largest High Court enforcement agency, has teamed up with Drakes, the biggest civil enforcement agency, to create a national force that is able to provide a wider range of services and additional benefits.

Sherforce Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook said: “Our two companies complement each other perfectly, enabling us to offer a national approach to enforcement, while developing and improving professional standards for all enforcement officers.”

Sherforce employs 94 people in London, Leeds, Colchester and Delhi, 40 of whom are high court enforcement officers, making it the largest agency in the UK. It is the only enforcement firm in the top 200 law firms, and is the sixth oldest law firm in the UK, dating back to 1780.

The company manages the administration of High Court Writs through its award-winning Sheriffs Lodgment Centre, through which nearly 200,000 County Court judgments with a face value of over £1 billion have been transferred from the County Court to the High Court for enforcement, since its creation in 1998.

Drakes is the recognised leader in the enforcement of unpaid magistrates’ courts’ fines and local authority debts, including council tax and parking fines. Part of the Bridgman Group, it has offices in Waltham Abbey, Hove, Manchester, Billingham and Oxford.

Under the banner of the National Enforcement Agency (NEA), Drakes leads the way in targeting persistent offenders, and plays a key role in schemes such as Operation Payback, recovering unpaid court fines.

Frank Millerick, Drakes’ Managing Director, added: “Sherforce’s expertise allows us to add High Court enforcement to our portfolio of services while they in turn can utilise the services we offer, recognising our high level of competency and professionalism through our commitment to invest in people, training and systems.”

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