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Outsource Back Office Services

Shergroup is working in a number of verticals, including security, HR, legal and accountancy services where our clients are using our back office support service to enhance their own delivery.

Outsource back office services to shergroup solutions™ to take away the challenges of staff sickness, attrition or training on new skills.

To make it easy to find out what can be outsourced we always ask our clients to think about the repetitive processes that are done in their business or organisation at the moment.

Any task that is repetitive in nature is a perfect fit for back office support services to take over.

This can then be part of a strategy to manage overheads, or redeploy valuable knowledge to a new area which is not so easy to outsource.

Back office support services come in all shapes and sizes so don’t be limited by what you think can or cannot be outsourced. If for example you are looking to manage the cost of resources then it is likely that the whole back office can be outsourced with some key steps being implemented to achieve this aim.

We can also understand any anxiety that outsourcing may cause as a topic as we had those same concerns when we decided to outsource our business to our first vendor in India.

Let us assure you that the back office management of your BPO solution will take care of those natural concerns just by the sheer quantity of metrics and management insight that can be provided by our back office solutions managers.

From numbers of calls made, to data entered, and time taken the ability to measure performance into a meaningful set of statistics is staggering.

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